How much do you know about your roommate???

A modern college version of the classic newlywed game where students answer questions to find out just how much they know about each other.

Its always hilarious to hear just exactly what kinds of funny answers students say in this game!


Students compete in teams of 2 to win cash prizes. The game is open not just to roommates but to anyone with a roommate, best friend, sorority sister, fraternity brother, significant other or anyone else they want to play with that they think they know a lot about!

One Student writes down their answer on a clipboard that is provided and then their partner says what they think their partner answered. Each question is worth a certain amount of points.

There are questions in each round that each person has to answer about the other person. If students are caught cheating or trying to give each other answers they will be disqualified

There is a guaranteed $200 in cash prizes awarded at the end of the game and possibly more.

The game lasts approximately 75 minutes but can be longer or shorter if needed.